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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 29, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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starts now. good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it's wednesday morning monday, i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. >> let's talk about your weather. steve foster is there. >> it's going to be warmer, so our weather was nice. we'll bump it up a few degrees and issue a windy pattern. the busiest meteorologist are in texas. draw your attention to the right of your screen. that didn't do too much for us, but it tapped into a lot of moisture of the four corners and the rockies so you can see that will be a major weather player through the country. for us, it's quiet. higher clouds build through to the north, but all sides point to a fast warmup. 40s and a lot of 50s. more 50s than we have seen in a while. kelcey is one of the ice boxes. 50 in glen
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alan. 55 in nevada. not much of a breeze and it's not going to amount to much. tomorrow it will. we'll drive into see ar ierra nevada and it will crank up to a sheet. warmer and 70s for many. mid 70s for some. 4:01, you heard me. >> in the morning. >> i know, crazy. >> good morning. in case you're thinking the same thing at home thinking it's crazy, well, i'm going to help you get on that tracy commute. i know a lot of people do that. i always have people stop me saying i come from the central valley, so thank you. here we go westbound 580 looks good so far as i drive on 580 and 205 to the altamont pass. no major problems. this is a look at 880 north and the traffic is moving along well. if you're driving to the bay bridge
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toll bridge, it's light. you can get a nice drive across the bay bridge. 4:02. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we begin with a breaking story in the east bay. a neighborhood told to turn off their furnaces after a car crash caused a gas leak. overnight, we want to take you live to the situation where you can see the work is happening right now. this happened at 1:00 in the morning. this is the area of grand and clament avenue near the arena. a car slammed into a fence and severed a natural gas line. authorities closed off the intersection and ordered people living in the area not to use their heaters. now, a car had hit a fence to the parking lot of a [indiscernible] plant. the driver was not hurt. repair crews, as you can see, on the scene, and we understand they're going to be there for a few hours. ktvu leigh martinez is out
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there on the scene. she's going to have a live report for us coming up at 4:30. time is 4:03. a big overnight fire destroyed several plant nurseries on the san mateo coast. this started about 11:00 last night on san mateo road outside of half moon bay. by the time firefighters got there, the buildings were engulfed in flames and they had no access to water right away. >> this is a difficult fire to fight. it was a challenge getting access to the water. [indiscernible]. >> that took an hour to get that fire under control. one greenhouse collapsed during the fire. four others were completely destroyed. no one was inside at the time. no firefighters were hurt. the firefighters are still looking for the cause of the fire. search crews believe there are no more victims inside the west oakland apartment building where four people died in that
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massive fire monday morning. a flaring -- hours later, a fourth body was found in the debris believed to be a man unaccounted for. while some people say an unattended candle sparked the fire, the investigation continues. the red cross is trying to find temporarily and long term housing for 100 low income people living in that building. >> high school diploma, pictures, lost it all. >> they talked about the things they lost. the city looking for empty hotel rooms and apartments for people. city leaders worry this fire will add to oakland's growing homeless crisis. the corner's office released the names of the two of the four people killed. 64-year-old edward anderson and 50 year
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old kassandra robinson. the -- a 2 investigates into the reports of history's complaints about the building. time is 4:05. more than a month after san jose was hit by flooding caused by heavy rains, officials are dealing with complaints they didn't warn people soon enough. the santa clara water department said city leaders had time to do it, hours, even days. sa iana smith talked to the city. >>reporter: the -- we see where four feet of water flooded the zoo in san jose. the zoo had no time evacuated its jaguars after posting -- and watching the rising coyote creek outside its doors. >> for a lot of animals, we
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moved them as precautionary because we didn't want to have to -- we didn't want to wait until we had to move them. >> in this letter to the mayor, the santa clara water district says the zoo acted accordingly, and questions why the city of san jose didn't do the same for its residents. the water district claims it began notifying the city of san jose through phone calls and e-mails five days before a storm, and potential flooding. the anderson dam spillway activated for the first time was a big indicator. >> the spillway was going to make its way downtown. >> the water district says it sites -- flooding was eminent the day before. >> i questioned back to the city -- our question back to the city, what is it you're waiting to see before you decided to
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evacuate. >> why didn't the city do that? >> the action of the city is where is there going to be flooding. we thought based on the district's -- >> city of san jose says the city admits it should have done a bert job notified residents sooner and the city contends the district gave them insufficient data that didn't -- >> it's bad on us, we recognize that. going forward we need to have better forward. >> 6,000 business women heard a feisty, funny, hillary clinton give a speak note. >> there's no other place i would rather be than here with you other than the white house. >> she spoke for an hour and humor. the largest organization of business
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women yesterday. she sent bus loads of women to the conference. people in the audience says they admires clinton's passion as she encourages women to be active in the political process. >> we need to resist hate and fear. >> she can be more powerful and effective not sitting in the -- you would never think you would see madam secretary like that. that was a bad [bleep] president. she came out sending a message, i'm here and i'm not going away and i think she's stronger for it. >> clean ton never mentioned president trump by name but says she will never give up a fight for a -- she ended her presentation with her own monday that, persist, in-- president trump says he's not done pushing for
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health care reform. he's facing republicans and unwaivers democrat -- unwaveers -- >> not many workdays to go before we hit -- the president is talking about returning to health care. >> president trump as first host inviting senators and their spouses to the white house and making a bald prediction. >> we're going to make a deal on health care. that's an easy one. >> really. the challenge for the president on health care is nothing in congress has changed. the most conservative republicans don't like the idea of a health care entitlement. >> we're ready to negotiate. we need them to abandon the tax on obamacare they've obsessed over for seven years.
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>> democrats are happy to focus on the investigations into the trump campaign alleged ties to russia. with house intelligence committee chairman, republican nunes under pressure from a number of democrats and one republican to recues himself because of his ties to the trump administration. and not to say nothing about the senate battle over -- a vote has been pushed back a week with a looming questions, will democrats try to filibuster the nomination and if so, will republicans make a major change in senate rules to require a simple majority to confirm supreme court nominees. >> we are optimistic that they will not be successful in keeping this good man from joining the supreme court very soon. >> and the next potential crisis, averting a government shut down at the end of next month. >> you take a look at that deadline. it is fast approaching. april 28th, just a day before the president marks 100 days in
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office. in washington, doug luzar. it's 4:11. uber's first diversity report has been released. what it shows about the company's work force which may not surprise you and how the company is responding. plus the raiders wasting no time. this e-mail sent to season ticket holders that made fans even more upset. a little breeze yesterday, but it looks like that has tailed off. we'll have sunshine and warmer temps today. don't get too used to it. another wind [indiscernible] for tomorrow.
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delivers mega support. welcome back, 24 hours since the raiders -- the team says they're taking deposits for their new stadium. >> ticket holders received an e-mail saying the raiders are offering them a chance to buy seats and secure them two years from now. the $100 deposit is refundable, but loyal oakland fans says this is pouring salt on the wounds. >> sort of reminds me of my wife that told me she's leaving me today and then getting an invitation to her wedding the next day with the guy she been having an affair with. that's what i a waited it with. >> season tickets have until september 1st to make the $100 deposit, but they must -- >> very interesting.
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>> yeah. time is 4:15. hey, sal, how does that strike you? >> well, obviously the whole thing doesn't strike me very well, if you want my honest opinion, i like the raiders to stay in oakland. that's not a big secret. >> work of itself. >> good morning, let's look at northbound 101 between gilroy and san jose. the traffic is moving 101 between gilroy and san jose. the traffic is moving along pretty well. right now as you drive from gilroy to san jose, it doesn't look too bad into the morgan hill area. if you have to be on the road early, you got the roads mostly to yourself. taking a look at 280 and san jose, that looks good up to highway 217. no major problems. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and it's light, and as we talk to steve, when you put the temperatures up earlier, mostly 70s. >> sure looks like it, sal. >> wow.
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>> tomorrow, 60s and windy. real quick, sal, you listen to mike and -- >> i do. >> mike greenberg says when i think of oakland, i think of the raiders only. >> yeah. >> rockies has been visiting albuquerque and it's a busy morning for some in the texas panhandle. look at the line. it's just about from omaha to kansas and tulsa and dallas. closer look shows you right there in between lovette on 27. that's a tough commute on 27 this morning. pam, that's a whooping system. we're on the driver, not as breezy side now. yes, a little breezy in the afternoon for some. but that will tail off. brown wood is 59. what is it, summer already.
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54 at sfo. a few 40s. i'm sure we'll see cooler conditions, but we're running warmer than yesterday. that's not much of a breeze except for a few clouds up north. storm tracker stays to the north. you can see the system digging in. that's the ridge of high pressure. there's going to be a system dropping down. it goes up, up, and it's going to drop into northeast california and the sierra could get a quick shot of snow. for us, it's a windy and cool pattern. we'll go from one extreme to the other. today, it's all about sunny side up and warmer temps. and then windy and cooler, sunny and breezy on friday. very warm on saturday and cooler and breezy on sunday. so up, down, down. >> seems pretty typical for spring-like weather. >> yes, it is. >> here in the bay area. >> thank you, steve. the time is 4:17. a tobacco tax takes place this saturday.
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it will go from $87 cents to $2.87. voters passed this proposition last december. in addition to high taxes being a deternt to smoking, they want to say there's several resources to help smokers quit including telephone counseling including in six different languages. strong storms are ripping through texas. the tornado caught on camera and the damage left behind. travel has the ability to teach you things. [indiscernible]. >> two dozen east bay high school students are spending their spring break on what they call a life changing journey. we'll tell you where their going and why next.
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welcome back mornings on 2. we have new information on the harassment claims we first brought you yesterday morning by a worker at fremont tesla's plant. >> [bleep]. i'll show you up in pieces. coach [bleep]. >> that's the profanity laced video that the attorney says his case -- he was harassed and threatened by coworkers. lambert says the company refused to take action after he reported the harassment. >> this issue needs to be
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brought forward. tesla had plenty of times to address these issues. >> tesla says an investigation was done by human resources department interviewing all the employees in question. that investigation turned up conflicting accounts of what happened with other employees saying that dwight had the quote, dirtiest mouth they have heard including using the same racially used language he claimed about. the tesla -- he left the company before finishing the investigation. tesla terminated several employees based on what they learned and suspended lambert with pay while he finishes the investigation. time is 4:22. a foreign -- newly released government filings shows the company named 10
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percent -- says they paid -- tesla wants to raise money as it rams up production of its anticipated model three. 10 cents is the largest video game maker. it's now tesla's 5th largest cheryl holder. -- shareholder. there was -- the san francisco bay agreed to pay (11) 1 -- to pay $110 million lawsuit. it would reimburse customers of $55. it includes customers not open without their permission or signed up for a product they did not agree to going back to january of 2009. 4:23. this morning, two dozen students from mccline's high school in oakland are waking up this morning halfway around the world for a spring break lesson all about life. >> the students are in south africa where
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organizers says the kids are getting the opportunity to become global citizens. the educational trip is paid for through fundraising and amber lee spoke to the kids about what they expect to gain. >> [indiscernible]. you can't [indiscernible]. >>reporter: at mack climb monday's high school, the students gathered together. >> i look forward to finding myself. i tend to get angry with a lot of things, but i have a lot and sometimes it feels like i don't. >> many of these students come from single parent homes facing financial struggles. >> i've been in prison all my life since i was a little boy. i don't think -- >> the students says this trip to south africa is a trip about south discovery and see others who survive on that. >>[singing] >> these are students in south africa singing to students who made the
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journey last year. they say this is a necessity, a transformative experience. the students will travel to cities, townships and rural areas meeting peers and visiting government and historical sites. >> travel has the ability to teach you things so many lessons at once. it will take years and years and more experiences before you have the one opportunity. >> even before embarking on this trip, there were lessons learned about packing and getting the necessary documents required for international travel. >> it definitely opened up my eyes. >> he went to south africa as a senior and she's returning as a mentor. >> i learned a lot about myself and my history and i came back wiser. >> he says he's grown up fast helping a single mother raise two younger brothers and his trip is a right of passage. >> i'm trying to get that childhood out before the
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real world hits me. >> this trip is expected to last two weeks, but these students says they'll have memories that will last a lifetime. amber lee, fox 2 news. >> great story. >> that's for sure. lifetime of memories. >> way to go mack climb monday kids. we may know what caused last year's deadly greyhound bus crash on highway 101 in san jose. what investigators say was missing out there on the freeway that may have confused the driver. no hot water and holes in the walls. a series of code complaints about the oakland apartment building where four people died in this big fire. good morning, we do have traffic that is light so far which is good as we look at the east shore freeway, you can see traffic is moving well heading out to the maze. and our weather will be doing well later. it's not bad right now, but it will be sunny and warmer today, but don't get used to it. we have a big change,
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isn't that [indiscernible]. he knows as we look live around the bay area looking at the bay bridge, and the beautiful lights of the city. >> yeah. >> you're not going to do that. >> thank you steve for joining us. >> it's early wednesday morning and you're with us. we're taking care of you. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it's the middle of the week, pam. it's march 29th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. you have to do the little ah-hoo. >> that's a good one.
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>> that one too. all right, if you're just ware wolfing -- it's that time of year where we zip up and the next day, oh my gosh, it's cold again. good morning, steve. good morning, paul. martinez is a pleasant 50. can't beat that. sunshine warming up fast today. temperatures, there's a few 40s, but there's more 50s. there's a lot more 70s as well. warmer as well. not much in the way of the breeze. the whooper is in the four corner going into the texas panhandle. we're getting a little northerly flow in the atmosphere. a few clouds clip the north. 50s on most of these temps. palo alto says 49. there are many 40s, but they're upper 40s including pleasant town. martinez, 56.


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